Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm into...

Image- Instagram @seeven777

These days I'm very into sneakers. Being in Korea makes you want to have awesome shoes, everyone is wearing a pair of New Balance tennis and I feel like I need a pair... the more outrageous the better, from babies to older people, their motto is "Shoes are how we can express our identities", because you can run into 10 different people wearing the same exact outfit but it's find someone with the exact same shoes (unless some Idol has them, then everyone wants them and will get them... like those Rick Owens shoes for Adidas... ugh).

Ice cream!, I don't know how that happened, I used to eat ice cream just a couple of times a year, now? I crave it all the time... back in winter most places had Ice cream on sale and we were smart enough to buy some for later (lol).

The coolest snack ever, is like a rice cracker but had some drops of a glasse... I don't know what are they called but I loooove them!... wait, the name is 쌀과자 

Hats & Hip hop, somehow I got into Hip hop while being in Korea and that lead me to Hip hop parties (where I got a cool Snapback!), my new hobbie is goin to Hip hop parties and the next target will be Dok2's birthday party (jk!). If you wabt to listen some.of it you can youtube: Dok2, Beenzino, The Quiett, Bizzy, Tiger JK, Yoon the way, today is Dok2's birthday so....Feliz Cumpleaños Gonzo!!~~
That time we met Dok2 at The A

Now that Spring is here and we finally cleaned our rooftop I want 2 things, grow something outside; onions, carrots, cucumbers, flowers, anything wiol do really! And have outdoor partieeees, I love having people over and this weather calls for it. Tomorrow we'll be holding our 1st, the grill is ready and so are we!.

What are your favorite things lately?

-Gisela V.

P.s. I would also LOVE to get my hands on a bike, I miss biking and I would even dare to bike all the way from Imungdong to Yeouido park.

My rental bike @ Yeouido last year^^ 

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