Sunday, March 23, 2014

B as in Busy

Hi everyone!!!

I'm back~~

I don't know what's going on lately but we've been pretty busy, and whenever I'm home, I'm too tired to even move -lol-, we need to do some serious House cleaning now that spring is here and we can finally enjoy our rooftop properly.

Things are constantly changing and in less than a month another BIG change might happen, althoug, we are not sure about this, I'm confident whatever happens we'll work it out, because that's how my mom taught us^^

On a previous post I talked about the 2 meet ups my friend set up for me, the 1st one was a Fail because her bro-in law is way tooo shy to be true, he saw me for a second and ran to his room, I thought I had scared him away lol, but 2 days later we met again, this time he did say Hello but that was basically it, I can tell he is nice but too shy for me, it's enough with me being very shy already.

The 2nd one was yesterday, this was... BAD, not because they guy isn't attractive but because he doesn't speak ANY english, I know that's not his fault, and I also know that I should be speaking Korean by now BUUUUT, if someone is setting you up, they should at least make sure you both can communicate. The guy would send me messages everyday, I thought it was cute of him but that's just how I am hehe, he said he would pick me up and so I assumed he already had something planned since the day before he asked me what I wanted to do, but then, he asked Where I wanted to go have lunch and we ended up walking and going to a random place close to my house, we had to communicate with Google Translate, I'm not even joking, the restaurant was empty -it's a VERY new restaurant- the owner and the waiter were looking at us strangely because we weren't talking and just shoving our phones to each other... it was AWKWARD to say the least. He then asked me for a picture right there and then when we were still eating and so we did, shortly after that he said All of his friends where asking him How was the meeting going on 0_0

We went for a coffee and my phone decided to be stupid and not work anymore so we couldn't talk, he called our friend and she said he felt bad because it was a boring date and wanted to go to a DVD Room -a place to watch movies- but why prolong a boring and awkward date?, and when he asked me what my ideal guy is like and I said: Funny, he said that's what he lacks the most.

Now, don't get me wrong, he is a nice guy, he seems to be sweet but we have NOTHING in comming, except that we like Iced Americano,but, who doesn't?, we can be friends but I don't see anything else happening in the future...

We finally went to one of those Hip Hop parties in Itaewon and I loved it, I was having a great time until our friend decided she wanted to leave early, but it was too lste to catch the last train and we ended up at a 24 hour Coffee shop bored as hell... I was in a bad mood because if I wasn't partying I wanted to be home sleeping but we couldn't afford the taxi fee.. at 3am I messaged a friend and he was around so we went to meet him but for no apparent reason, my (girl) friend was being very bitchy with muy guy-friend, we left the bar because she said we could take the 4am bus but there was no such thing, we walked and then took a short ride taxi to wait for another bus but the 2nd bus was late and that's why we decided to take another bus and get off to take the recently open subway at 5:30.... I was tired and in a bad mood when we finally reached home at 6am....

I trully hate girls being bitchy and I guess that's why most of my closest friends are guys, some girls just need to understand not every guy that approaches them is trying to flirt....

It was a very busy weekend and this sunday I went out to meet my Playplanet date but that will have to be another post^^

-Gisela V.

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