Sunday, March 2, 2014

Interviews in Korea

Hi everyone!!!

I'm posting saturday's post late because I was out having fun lol....

It was quite a long saturday, it started with a mid afternoon interview for a Job, I was supposed to prepare a 10 minute English class for kindergarteners, I got there at 2pm and it was like a massive event, there were 8 Korean teachers and we were 2 Foreign teachers, the Interviewer went on for about an hour explain god knows who in Korean, making jokes, asking questions and jus explaining things... then he just pointed at me and told me I would start with my presentation, by now I was shaking because the other teachers had Way too many cool materials, I had 2 lousy songs, cards and colorful tiny letters for some games, so, I had to win them over with my charm and brain -ha!!!!- instead of start a Fake class, I explained how will I do the class, how I was going to interact with the kids and win them over, I sang a little bit of my 2 songs and when I was done, the 2nd teacher -korean- took over, she got up, removed her jacket and was wearing a bright yellow dress with a speaker and her cute nametag, she was bright, loud, could dance and sing...god, by now I realized how bad I did it... then the other foreigner took her turn and it was as bad as mine lol, we listened to the rest of the Korean teachers who by the way, were equaly nervous, shaking and forgetting things but always being bright and positive...

The interviewer said I did good and had a good kindy teacher face -LOL- but I needed to learn songs and dances and make more face-hand gestures, I agree 100% and by watching the rest of the teachers I got a better Idea of what to do next week when I go back.

We then ate Ice cream and waited some more, it was almost 4 hours after that I was sent home and I was told I would have to go back next week... It's pretty scary, I mean, I know the English is on a very Basic level but entretaining 4-7 year olds is not an easy job... Much less if you are not easy to be all loud and cute all the time, I guess I need to study some Aegyo hahaha.

Finally at 6pm I was ready to go and meet Sally and my sister for dinner, we are a Trio of BBQ lovers, we go to BBQ Buffets and now we know not to eat rice or Jjeon or lots of water because we'll get full faster, we just grill and eat meat with some veggies lol, we were there for a bit over 2 hours...Ahn -Sally's friend- joined us and we had a great time pigging out on meat, we even finished the lil gas tank on the portable stove -we are not even sorry-, we then were going to get Ice cream cuz Ahn wanted to go see the Ice cream boy who according to him is supper hot, except he is like 19 and not Hot but just Cute in a "he is my lil bro" kind of way, by then we had decided to hit the Karaoke close to home because it was only 10,000Won an hour, we bid goodbye to Ahn and took the subway to Hoegi station, right in front there's an Avenue L mall, 2nd floor and you'll find the classiest Karaoke ever, the price is now 12,000 but still is super cheap -most places go from 20-30,000- we only payed for an hour but depending on your score you can get extra time, we got 10 more minutes, we rocked 2NE1, Bigbang, Snoop Dog, Limp Bizkit, M2M, Spice Girls and some Pitbull lol, we then walked home but kept signing on the way. I bet people thought we were drunk but NO, we didn't drink ANY alcohol tonight, I had a great time with those 2, I just with Sally was a bit older and knew older songs because we finished our Karaoke session with Justin Bieber's BABY..... OMG ~~ LOL.

Thank you girls for such an amazing night, and well...see you tomorrow for 2NE1's afterparty!!!!!

-Gisea V.

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