Friday, June 25, 2010

The Korean Pavilion

So, I waited a LONG time to finally go check out the "Korean Pavilion" in Chapultepec
here in Mexico City,one of the main reasons was that noone really wanted to go with me to see a (not so much for many people) Pavilion...another reason was that I wanted to take good quality pictures, wich I can not take with my cellphone or my mom's digital cam :s and what's the point of going there and not being able to show you what this Pavilion is, right?
Finaly my sister is back in Mexico and who better than her (The photographer) to go with me and check this thing that got me excited everytime I walkpass this place,we went yesterday to have a nice afternoon taking pictures and just walking around in a gorgeous day....until.... WAIT!!! let me tell you a little bit about the "history" of this Pavilion:
The Korean Pavilion was given to Mexico in March 8th 1968 due to the Olympic Games celebrated in Mexico and also to celebrate 100 years of the 1st time Koreans migrate to Mexico. The Pavilion is situated in Chapultepec on the "Parque de la 3a edad (Park of the Third Age)" this Park is meant to entretain/amuse/serve as distraction to the 3rd age people and it was presented by the Embassidor of the Republic of Korea in Mexico (Cho Kyu-Hyung) also the President of the Comitee to celebrate the100 years of the migration of Koreans to Mexico (Dong Soo Suh), the inauguration presented the National Ballet of Korean Dance and also played some traditional music.....ok ok I know this might not be so interesting but I had to talk about the history of the place!!!! not everything is "pretty pictures" ;) so, the important thing here is... It was given to Mexico by the Korean people because of the deep friendship between both countries (as Dong Soo Suh said....)

Anyway... so my sister and I went to this park yesterday, turns out that if you are not over 60 years old you can not have access to the park!!! isn't that crazy?? don't get me wrong I know it is the "Park of the third age" but if I go to the Zoo they will not let me in because im not an animal?? O.o I was so upset because the guard wouldnt let us in, even thou we told him we just wanted to take pics and then would leave and this guard said he couldn't let us in because the park closes at 5pm and it was 4:50 and then asked us to come back another day and that's when my sister asked if we were going to be able to get in the next day and he said NO you need to be over 60 to get in... o.O Pft!! so why would he ask us to come back???? by this point I was so upset that I just wanted to run with my sis' cam and don't let the guard catch me lol.... it was so sad because I really really really wanted to see this Korean Pavilion :( , but my sis took some pics from the outside.... but one day... I'll be 60 (well...maybe haha) and I'll go to that park!!!

Okei!! so here are some of the pics....... Enjoy!!!!
(Special thanks to my sister for such a great pics! <3 ya!)

Pagoda of the Korean Architecture school from the VIII century. This small pagoda is a replica of the one in the central garden of Seul, Korea, which is the place where the Korea’s declaration of independence was read.

-Gisela V

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