Friday, December 24, 2010

Back and with TONS of things to say........

Today I was reading this blog from the 1st to the last post I've shared with all of you, it feels so weird that it changed to so much and it's even MORE weird (exciting) to read all those things I've posted about Korea and now say "I've done that... I've been there...." [Insert happy tear here] lol 

A trip to remember....
Blurry picture I know... it was a 24 hours flight! 
Looks sunny but it was COLD!!!

  So... I love it when people come and ask me "What's with Korea?, why you like it so much?, why did you wanna go there?, Is it a War Zone?" well.... I know it's not Paris, Brazil or some place like that, but if you only Google it and just look at the pictures, you'll see there's so much to learn, it's such a "new" country with a GREAT history, and even if you don't find it as COOL as I do...well..that's cool, you don't have to go, noone will force you ;) lol.....  actually Mexico and Korea are very alike in alot of things, specially THE PEOPLE, us Mexicans are consider to be really warm and very nice (or is it that we just wanna please them??) with foreigners, well Koreans are just like Mexicans, they take things like taking care of others one step higher, seriously, I had an AWESOME time in Korea and I hope to be able to show you how great this country/culture is trough this blog.....
Limusine Bus O_o

I'm actually very lucky because I got to experience both the Local/normal Live and the Tourist side of Seoul.

So, here's how everything started....

I got to Seoul and it was WEIRD, being alone in a country where you don't speak the language and you are not sure how everything will work out is SCARY, or at least it should be, right?.. well indeed it was weird/different, but in a GOOD way, I felt at home (pft I don't even know why), so I go ahead buy a ticket for my bus and I'm finally on my way to SEOUL!!.. I was so excited!, I took a bus to go to Sinseol-Dong bus station (Bus 6002), the ticket was only 10,000 KRW, wich I think it's a pretty decentprice if you consider it's a 1 1/2 hour ride....The day was SUNNY but COLD and when I say it was COLD I mean Effin' COLD! I was freezing!, I was wearing a 2 Jackets, scarf, hat, globes and still I was  freezing...O_o, Sooo, I was the last one to get off the Bus, the driver was super nice and helped me with my laugage.
I was supposed to meet Jo-anna there, she agreed to host me for the weekend, so I got to Sinseol-Dong station and called her, less than 10 mins later we finally met, I've been following her blog for a few months, and kinda felt like I already knew her (Do you know that feeling??...) we start walking to her house and I got to see the Cheonggyecheon river (Wich I was dying to see!!), so we get to her house, I took a quick shower and we go Off to her Korean Class near the Women University, we take the Subway and I got my T-money card (yay!!) the card is 3,000 KRW, this card is pretty good because it can be used to pay for the Subway, Buses, Taxis and some payphones accept this card, the subway ride is 900 KRW and I have to say.... I <3 the Korean Subway, this one is quite the opposit to Mexican Subway, it's really clean, well organized and most of the times you will find someone that can help you, either at the Information booth or someone nice enough to ask if you need help when they see your "scared/I'm lost face" lol... so you can expect a SUBWAY POST soon....  anyway, we took the subway from Sin-dang to Hanyang Univ. station and from them we had to walk just a couple of blocks and we get to the building, since I'm to shy to get into begginers class on my own I decided to go with Jo-anna to her Level 4 class, this was a class only in Korean so I was a bit (A LOT!) lost... after the class we went down and I met Jo's boyfriend and they introduced me to a few other teachers (Sorry I can't remember the names... shame on me), we go out to dinner... MY 1st REAL Korean food... I wasn't feeling very good (It was probably the Jetlag...) but I forced myself to get better, I took an aspirin for my headache and something for my nauseas... and then I was ready!, we had Bulgogi, marinated beef, rice, vegetables, Kimchi, Soju and Beer (Cass), I also tried the SoMack or Poktangju (??) wich is Soju and Beer mixed together... it's good, that way you
불고기 Bulgogi

don't feel the strong flavor of Soju going down trough your Throat O_o but I've heard that this is not a "good" If you know what I, dinner was only 6,000 KRW each, a pretty good price, huh? I had LOTS of fun with Jo, Jo's bf and 2 other girls, Jo's bf is really funny and he can say a few words in Spanish....his favorite one?,,, PERRO ... Don't know why lol, after dinner the other girls went home and the rest of us (Jo, Jo's bf and me) went to a small bar to have Makgeoli 막걸리 (or Korean rice wine), there are different kinds so Jo and her bf, each asked for their fav one, I tried them and then I choose mine.. I picked Chop Sal Makkoli, 
Yummy Makgeolli
the name comes from the Kind of rice (CHOP) and SAL is RICE = Chop Sal Makkoli we also had a Kimchi Pancake (or Kimchijeon), is like a crepe, but thicker 
Makgeolli Bar
and made with Kimchi juice  all this for 4,000 KRW each :O , so I had a great dinner and drinks for 10,000 KRW!! After the bar we went to a ministore to buy food to take to the Sharing House on sunday, then we took a bus to go near Euljiro4ga station (I think? I was tired and don't really remember) we went to pick of Jo's bf car and then went back to Jo's house, I was exhausted so I went to bed because sunday we had to get up early for that Sharing House trip,,but that my going to be another post because those Halmonies (Grandma's) deserve it...

-Gisela V.

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  1. haha, yup, that about sums it up! Sanghyun likes any word that could be misinterpreted as inappropriate... I'm looking forward to the next posts!