Thursday, January 6, 2011

2nd part of my Sunday in Korea (buzz Korea)

Buzz Korea!!! (see previous post!)
That's a BIG cabbage... or is it a Lettuce??

After leaving the House of Sharin with JoAnna, we took a Bus to take us back to Gangbyeon subway station, it was a fun bus ride, I was with JoAnna and a few of her Friens/co/Ex-co-Workers (??) and we were talking about the House of Sharing experience, but after a while they started to talk about their school and since I don't know anything about it I concentrate in the landscape and the people on the bus, just the same way Koreans stare at you for being a foreigner, I...was looking at them, not STARING just looking around, right infront of me there were 2 elder man, one of them seem very upset by the fact that our group was a lil bit Loud, and I don't mean LOUD-OMG-SHUTUPNOW!, I mean they were talking, laughing and that was it... sudenly this man stand up and start yelling at them what I believe it was something like "Shut up!!" ... I was like O_o and then..SILENCE....the other man next to the one that has just yelled was asleep and woke up when he was Yelling at us to Shut up lol, and then he was telling something to the Angry man, I think he was telling him to calm down and stop yelling at people (I know I don't speak Korean!, but that's how my sis and I act when she starts yelling @ people a few stops we finally got a sit and just relaxed for a bit before we get to Gangbyeon... just across the Gangbyeon station you can find the Techno Mart Building a super-size shopping center holding a shopping mall, various discount stores, and a total of more than 2,000 electronic shops from the 1st to 8th floor... YUP like the Wonderland for Geeks..... JoAnna took me there to buy DVD's,I was just looking for the My Name is Kim Sam Soon dvd but I couldn't find it :( ... I only got 2 Korean Movies we were walking around just looking when we found Jo's boyfriend (Sanghyun), since we were already tired AND hungry we all agreed it was Food Time!!!, they offered to take me to eat LIVE Octopus...but I ...I... I just couldn't do it (lol) at the end Sanghyun said he would cook something at their house (They are really nice n_n), the night view from the Techno Mart to Their house was amazing, the river, the lights, the old houses, the new buildings... I loved it!!!, we had to go to their local Market to get some veggies, I was amazed that this market was open on a Sunday at 7pm, I got to try Bungeobbang this is a fish-shaped cake filled with beans 3 X $1,000KRW (about $10pesos/$1USD),
they were Hot, Sweet, a bit salty and really good!!, after getting a few veggies we went to look for the Dog's Market but couldn't find it, I was kinda relieved since I didn't really wanted to see Dogs in cages :(, we DID found a restaurant that offers Dog's Meat Soup but the place was closed, it was hidden or anything (as I thought it would be... since it's illegal...but hey!, who knows, right?), we were walking trough an empty/dark street I was a little bit scared (I'm Mexican, you know?, we don't get to do that witouth being scared very often!!), but I was told that it was VERY secure to be alone by night. We head back to the market and Sanghyun got more veggies and some Tofu for out Home Made Dinner, after the short visit to the Market we went back home. I offered Sanghyun to help with dinner (no, I didn't know what he was doing, but perhaps I could help by chopping or something? lol), since he didn't need any help I took a quick shower and after this the food was ready!!!!, outside was freezing, but inside it was really warm and we sat on the floor to eat (oh! Ondol ... you have no idea how much I miss you!!), we had Rice with some beans, grains (I think?) and Seaweed, a very GOOD stew (I don't know the name), made with Tofu, veggies, soy bean paste, chillis and chilli powder... it was the perfect food atfer a cold long day :) (Again, thanks JoAnna and Sanghyun for everything!), I had to move out of Jo's house the next day so I called my new CS because I had to meet him very early on monday... 7am!! O_o (when you are on vacation THAT is VERY early, right???), so I went to bed because I had to get up t 6am u_u ..... now you will have to wait for DAY #3
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SEE PICS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Entrance of the Market

Again the BIG cabbage/lettuce lol

I stole this pic from Chris in South Korea

I stole this pic from Chris in South Korea
Check Chris' blog HERE !! (Sorry I stole ur pics Chris -I don't really know him hehe- but THANKS!!)

-Gisela V.

PS. More pics about the House of Sharing here!

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