Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another lil update?

Ok, so on my last post I gave you a lil update on why I wasn't poting ad ofter as I used to, this is my Update #2 (20 days later), we've had a couple of rough weeks and we spend 1 week at the Hospital.... I can't give out many details but I'm learning SO MUCH of all of this.... Right now I don't have much energy to make my pot about Day 7 (sad!!), but I started to catching up on some of my fav blogs today and I have some suggestions of what you can read since my blog is so boring now a days.... lol

The 1st one is my sis' blog, if you don't speak Spanish...well there's Google Translator or just by the pics you can have an Idea of what is it about.... and what we are going trough.

The 2nd one is about something that I've been missing so much these days... She was kind enough to host me at her appartment one weekend in Seoul and now she has made a post about her neighborhood, so check it out! 

And last but not least... this is a Blog I really like because it's really sarcastic and serious (when needed), I had the fortune to met the guy in person and  I can say that this is the kind of people I like having as friends, his last posts are quite interesting and have some information about Japan's Tsunami and how some people is taking it.... 

So there you go, you have something to read in case you are missing me and my posts (lol) 

-Gisela V. 
Oh! and if you ant something funny entretaining to read...check this comic by QC :)


  1. Hope you feel better, and next time I'm in Mexico I'll let you know!