Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Korean Association in Mexico (Event)

OK so I hope this is right, my name is EricGarcia. I went on behalf of Gisela Verdin, whom you might already know =p, to the annual event organized by the Korean Association in Mexico. This yearly event was held this year at the Universidad Intercontinental's Campus. This was the first year, but I hope not the last, that I was able to attend to this event and it was really great. 

The university at which the event took place is on the south part of the city, the really far south. It is also a very big university. When I first arrived to the location I was greeted with a huge banner of the event. Once inside I saw a great deal of people playing sports, eating, joking around and basically having fun. There seemed to be very few locals in the event but when I approached the staff of the event I was greeted in Spanish. Most of the Korean community at the event (or at least the people that I had a chance to talk to) knew Spanish very well.

The fist order of business was eating, I was pointed in the food's direction and I headed towards a table that contained a buffet-style look. There were several platters with what I believe was lettuce wraps, rice, jello, and a dish that I don't know the name of but had cacti marinated in a red sauce. I served myself a bit of everything. Once seated I had a go at the rice mixed with the marinated cacti dish and it was absolutely delicious. The white rice soaked up the red sauce and it acquired a real peculiar flavor that I really enjoyed. Once the food was in my belly I had enough energy to move over to more physical activities.
There were several activities to be a part of, some a bit more physically aimed than others. There were soccer, dodge ball, jump rope, hacky sack, tug-a-war, kickball and Yut Nori competitions. The winners of each of these events received several prizes. I was able to participate in the kickball, tug-a-war and hacky sack events, but not for official prizes, just for fun. I watched some of the female-only dodge ball matches and let me tell you, they can throw! It was a real blast to just watch the games as the end of the matches neared you could feel the excitement grow in the crowd and the players, everyone would cheer when a point was made and when the game was won by either side things got really loud.

Once all of the games finished it was time for the prizes to be handed out. There were soup boxes, rice and bean sacs, crockery sets, microwaves, refrigerators, Iphones, Tablets, and even a trip for two all expenses paid to Acapulco! There was a raffle for which I purchased a ticket  and the results were given right after the award ceremony for the games. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to win the fridge much less the trip to Acapulco * tear*  but I received a box of  Ottogi instant noodles soup so I was happy. The event ended when the Korean Association in Mexico's representative thanked everyone for attending and participating in the event.

Overall I had a blast, it was a day of interesting, fun, and diverse activities with great people. I can't wait for next year to come so that I can go again!


Well people, hope you like this guest post :D 

-Gisela V. 

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