Saturday, May 5, 2012

K-Pop SarangDay in México

Ribbon cutting 
Just like I told you a couple of weeks ago, the Kpop SarangDay was celebrated in Mexico City on April 21st, sadly I was unable to assist but the organizers CoreaYMas and Korean Pop Mexico Company where nice enough to provide me with some info and pictures of the event. (Thank you guys!!!)

K-pop dance over
Corea Y Mas was the master mind of this event and turns out it is an international event, Mexico was in charge of the Opening and countries like Guatemala, Peru, Chile and Colombia will follow and it's expected another one in Mexico to give closure to this series of events.

Almost 300 Kpop lovers assisted the Kpop SarangDay event where CYM provided with gifts for some lucky guests, Dance groups covered Kpop songs like BigBang's and Girls Generation's.

T-Mark was also a part of this event with some of his famous Kpop covers, you can see the video of one of his covers here ( this cover is about how Kpop fans are seen in a weird way and the intolerance against them.

Kpop Fans dancing at the rythm of Mr. Simple 
The Korean association in Mexico was present in the event and everyone had the chance to take pictures with members of the association and the Organizers. There was also a sale of Korean products, a DJ to set the mod and get everyone to dance and the presence of some Press.

This kind of events are setting Korea on the Map in Mexico and hopefully soon we'll have Kpop groups comming to Mexico.

I also provided some more info regarding this event on the monthly segment with KBSeFM ~ DriveTime (which I will be posting the audio later)


We <3 Korea / DJ

So, stay tuned for more info about Kpop events in Mexico!

Also, if you are a BigBang fan please check this out.
VIPProyectos BigBang convocatory:

We would like to invite all of the international members to participate in an event to celebrate BigBang's TAEYANG birthday.
On a white paper you'll need to write your birthday wishes and add a picture.
Take a picture of your message and send it to with the subject "Cumple de TAE / TAE's birthday", a video with all the pictures will be made to celebrate!.

Thanks to CYM for the pictures!

-Gisela V.

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