Monday, August 13, 2012

My 1st Korean Restaurant BiWon

Hi everyone, I feel like I've been very distracted from the blog lately....I just don't wanna bring all my saddness and worries over Sorry for my random blogging.

Anyway... Last week I realized I never wrote about my 1st experience in a Korean Restaurant, the very 1st time I tried Korean food was with the people I love the MOST -My mom and
my sister-  they were always very supportive with me when my Korean-Crush started and I still feel they continue doing it, only my mom is now doing it in a whole different level...

It brings me happiness (and some tears) to think about that 1st time at the Korean Restaurant... it was sunday and I honestly don't remember how we chose that one but it was definitely
the right choice, the place is quite big, clean and one of the "prettiest" Korean restaurants I've visited in Mexico, plus they have very decent prices, I mean being able to eat a whole
meal for $100 Pesos ($10,000KRW-$10USD) is a pretty good deal when talking about "international" food in Mexico.

The 1st time we went there each one ordered a Dish but if I may say...the thing I was most excited to try was the Kimchi...I have read about Kimchi before, I have a book with different
kinds of Kimchi and well... it's Kimchi one of the 1st things you learn about Korea is Kimchi, right?

My mom ordered a Haemul Pajeon (Korean Seafood Pancake), my sister had the Bibimbap and I had Yukaejang (Spicy beef soup).

The Kimchi... I knew I had to be cautious because of the strong taste... but my mom adventured to try it in a second (aww!!), it was garlicky and spicy...I can handle Spicy but Garlic is
something I wasn't very used sister? well she didn't want to try it really but at the end she did...a small bite but she did it and 3 years later she still can't eat it (lol), after
that 1st Kimchi I just fell inlove with it n_n

Okokokok,,,so back to the Food

The Haemul Pajeon was way to big for me mom so my sister and I had to help her (lol)...I had tried something like that in Veracruz sort of like a Spanish Tortilla but with seafood and less eggs...
I guess she liked it because she had that same dish on a different restaurant and everytime we visited the "Cultures Fair" (each May) she would have that at the Korean Pavilion :)
~Oh mom... how I miss you and your "I'm up for it!!" spirit~

My sister's Bibimbap came with the egg fried of course... she really liked and ate the whole thing (Weird thing is...she almost never finishes her food...) and now that I thinkg about's
weird she never said anything about the Gochujang paste tasting "weird" or something... I'm very proud of you sis :D haha

As for my Yukaejang... I LOVED IT... it is actually the reason why we keep going back to BiWon, specially now that has been raining, it's the perfect stew to have on a cold/rainy day....I don't care
that everytime I have it I leave a new stain on my clothes lol (I'm not very good eating soups).

My top 3 fav dishes here are Yukaeyang, Samgyeopsal (Fresh! not frozen and very yummy for about $15USD) and Bibimbap :)

Besides the great food, the affordable prices and the general atmosphere of the place, I really enjoy going there because it reminds me of my mom :) and I'm glad everytime I go there I go with people
I love (or at least people who really do enjoy Korean Food).

For those reasons... BiWon is one of my fave places to eat Korean Food.

Oh!! I forgot... the Banchan is nothing out of this world but they have one of the spiciest Kimchi's I've tried in Mexico <3

-Gisela V. 


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