Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Psy and his Gangnam Style

Horse ridding step

If you don't know what I'm talking about it must be because you are living in some kind of Cave...or at least in an Internet Free World....

Psy is a South Korean singer-songwriter, he is popular for his funny videos and stage performances, he is currently working with YG Entertainment (BigBang/2NE1's record label)

Just 5 weeks ago PSY released the song "Gangnam Style" on his youtube channel and just passed the 40 million views, the video is everywhere, went from the Internet to the News such as CNN, CBC and soon famous artists such as Robbie Williams and T-Pain blogged or Tweeted something about this video.

Not only famous people are talking about this, the video went Viral and there are numerous Parodys of the Video and recently found the cuttest one thanks to a tweet.... this time is Oppa Ponny Style :) Watch and go..."AWWWWWWW!!!" with me.

Just as I was looking at Gangnam Style's wiki and I found out Daesung and Seungri (BigBang) ar the to Ajusshi's playuing a board game while Psy does his dance... and I don't know about you but Comedian Noh Hong-Cheol plays one of my fave parts on the video when he dances on top of PSY at the elevator O_O lol...

Just a couple of days ago Psy was contacted by Justin Bieber's manager and recently he traveled to LA to meet up with them to make a new version of the song...Justin Bieber's "LA Style" or something like that... to be honest I don't even like Hyuna's version that much.... :/ it's just not the same, NOONE does the Horse riding step like Psy, am I right?

So, if you still don't know PSY or his Gangnam style... here's the video... enjoy (I can almost bet you'll be trying the Horse step within an hour....)

-Gisela V.

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  1. PSY todo un suceso en Corea y en el MUNDOOO!! Hace un par de semanas supe de el!! Besos...