Friday, September 7, 2012


Kwon Ji Yong better known as G-Dragon (지드래곤) is BigBang’s leader, rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, model and whatnot with only 24 years (born August 18, 1988)… Amazing isn’t it??....I still can’t believe I’m 3 years older than him.

Lately I’ve been listening to more G-Dragon and reading more and more about him…why? …well to start his Birthday was just a couple weeks ago, he released the 1st single of his new Solo Album and well…rumors on the internet say he will be the main producer of YG’s new girl-band…..

If you remember, I already talked a bit about him on This post and after that post I kinda became a BigBang fan (lol), I listened to Heartbreaker by G-Dragon and it was just catchy… and when I heard he was releasing a new Solo album I was already a bit excited about it…but then “One of a Kind” came out and to be honest I didn’t love the 1st (2nd, 3rd, 4th) time I heard it…. Specially the video and his “new” image for the Video, I just don’t get why should they dye their hair with such a weird colors… T.O.P.’s mint hair started very “minty” and then it turned a softer color…. But Bright yellow?... and with the hair braided like that?? Plus the little bear and the Tiger…. I just wasn’t feeling it… eventually the song grew on me and now I find myself singing Yes Sir I’m one of a Kind… Neh Hyung… Neh Noona …as for the lyrics?... We all know he is wild (Just look at that yellow, pink, white hair)…. And Young, we also know he’s got lots of money but I don’t think he’s sorry for being so popular….and that part I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks — no, more like a fox …He really can pull LOTS of tricks and that’s what I like about him, he’s not your average Kpop idol, I think he does a great job as a writer and producer… Come on! He’s just 24!!!! ….anyway, if you still haven’t listened to One of a Kind, check out the video up next.

Less than 2 weeks after One of a Kind’s release, G-Dragon came out with a new video That XX this video was rated for an 19+ audience and the explicit in the song was replaced by a beep  on “That Beep”… The 1st time I listened to this song I really liked it… and I normally don’t like this slow-romantic kind of songs…at least not on my 1st time listening to it… I had to read the lyrics of course and I went all Awwww!!! He doesn’t seem to be the type of guy who’s friendzoned lol and guess what… it took me a few days to understand that he is both characters on the video… the Nice-friendzoned guy and the XX (aka asshole….) it was nice to see the change from One of a Kind to That  XX, I’m even thinking about getting his new CD due to be released on September 15th and yes… this will be my very FIRST Kpop CD….. although I’m thinking about getting BigBang’s Alive and Super Junior’s 5th album

Do you guys have any recommendations for other good Kpop CD’s??, are there any G-Dragon’s fans here? What do you guys think about this new Solo album?

-Gisela V.

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