Friday, October 5, 2012

Make a blog and receive a ticket to Korea???

Exactly 9 days ago I arrived from Seoul :(. As some of you already know I was invited to Korea by KOCIS on a Tour with other WKB, some people is really curious about this, some will ask me because they just want a Free trip while others do it because they find blogging interesting....

Here are some facts about my Blogging experience

1.- I've been blogging since 2009.. so NO you don't get a Plane ticket just by creating an account on Blogger/Wordpress/Etc
2.- I don't get paid to blog... GoogleAdsense is not sending me millions of dollars for my blog lol...actually I've never received  $0.01 cents for blogging.
3.- I blog because I like it, I do it when I want to and the contents are stuff I'm interested in, I don't promote any product, company or band...even if sometimes it seems as if I try to promote YG's artist lol...I just happen to like BigBang.
4.- Don't blog because you want to get something from doesn't really work that way, unless you want to make a Blog/Online Store
5.- I don't get to travel just because.... Blogging is not THAT easy, it has to be something you like to do, even if you are not good at it (like me) haha

I blog because it's no a part of me, I'm used to do it and I don't think I can stop now O_O, I don't JUST blog... I have a full time job, I'm also starting a Cupcakes business with my sister, sometimes I have way to much on my hands and it's complicated to blog very often but it's also a way to escape my everyday life.

I would LOVE to do nothing but blog because who wouldn't??

Sometimes you have to spend $$$ to have something to blog about (Restaurant, Movies, CD's, Events reviews) and no one will pay you back... the only reward is knowing there's people (I'm talking to my 5 readers) who enjoy reading you.

Blogging about Korea is not always easy for (us overseas K-bloggers) me, sometimes I'm too busy doing something else and I don't get to go to every Korean event in Mexico,some other times I don't even know about an event until days after the Actual event and just doing researches is time consuming ...I'm not saying that k-bloggers living in Korea have it easy either!!! don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's not an easy task to get an invitation to a certain Korean event and I dare to say that sometimes you have to "know people" to get this invitations.

So, for those of you who think I (we) have it easy and just because we blog get invitations to other countries... well... think again since this is not a piece of cake (yumm.... lol), please DON'T get into blogging because you want to be invited to Korea, that's just wrong...

So, if any of you feel like helping me out by sending me info about Korean events in Mexico or would like to write a guest post... just let me know :)  I might pay you with a box of Peperos hehe.

-Gisela V.
Random Pic, Found this T-shirt 2 days ago but didn't buy it because I AM a blogger <3


  1. really good attitude to it all i think! -Kenichi :)

  2. Well, looking at that shirt, what is wrong with being a blogger anyway?

    I am a K-blogger to, I blog about stuff that I know about Korea, and hey, it's really not an easy thing to do! Even the Korean blogger that I know struggles about writing about Korea.

    Blogging in general is not easy. And building this awesome blog is quite a feat!