Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Monkey 5

Check out the Debut album of Monkey 5 on i-Tunes, the first “Whistle Monkey Band” ever in the world. The music would fascinate every hearts. 

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Monkey 5 is the first "Whistle Monkey Band" ever in the world.
Check out their Facebook page here.

The Band has five mysterious members :
Whikey, Goldee, Liva, Bello and Touyo from an unknown species called ‘PINGKONGs’.

They whistle in chorus and provide unprecedented harmony with a variety of whistling techniques like scat or vibration. Their music touches and fascinates every heart who listens to them.

Monkey 5 has been preparing this first album for a long time with ‘healing’ as its main theme to provide unique healing experiences for those who are physically and mentally tired.

Shall we whistle along with Monkey 5?


-Gisela V.

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