Thursday, September 26, 2013

My first Kpop concert (sort of)

Eh eh eh eh eh eh eeeeh 2NE1

What's up we're 2NE1!!!

Top: Our free Polaroid / Bottom: KU Gym
Most (if not all) Kpop fans know that phrase, and me being a YG fan was eager to see them live and when I read about their miniconcert at the Young Samsung ~ Passion Talk event, I knew we had to be there, this is where the complicated part started. First of all the whole website was in Korean, not only that, the text was in image form so my friend Google Translate was unable to help me, after going back and forth between the computer and my google translator app on my phone, we managed to figure out how to apply for tickets and so we needed a Korean phone number, ugh, we were going to as a friend if we could use his number but before he could reply we pressed "SENT" without knowing what we were doing, therefore, my friend was kind of upset about us using his number (Again, Sorry!!!!!!!!), anyway, we didn't hear anything about it for a couple of days and 1 day before the event we searched online to make sure how to get to the venue (Korea University's Gymnasium), we knew it was a "First come, first serve" basis so we planned on going there really early to make sure we got tickets, later that day my friend received another message asking for our assistance confirmation and that was it, as we still didn't know much about the times, except it would start at 5:30pm, we decided to go VERY early, and luckily for us it was raining the whole day (Yay!!!, Not), so, after a subway ride and an unnecessary taxi ride, we found the gym (btw, thanks to our driver for mistaken us for students! lol), we arrived at 9am to find a very empty Gym, there were only 5 people waiting and a couple minutes later, a guy from the staff started giving out numbered "tickets", he didn't speak any English so all he was able to say was "12pm exchange", we had less than 3 hours until that time and we decided to chill there until we were able to exchange those tickets for the real ones, at some point they played 2NE1 songs but us being the cool girls clearly NOT into Kpop (lol) just played cool, the exchange time was moved until 1pm and by then I was already bored out of my mind. ~Did I mention we were the only foreigners there?~. Before 1pm a guy came in and yelled something in Korean and everyone ran out, of course we followed them and they started calling out the numbers, we got 7 and 8 so that gave us access to 1st row tickets (heck yea!), after getting the real tickets and a gift bag with a "Samsung and U" booklet, a notebook, a pen and a Card holder, we were told to come back at 4:30, so, we had another 3 hours to (waste) have lunch and whatever, we left the campus and found a nice small place to eat and then run to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to chill, I took a short nap and then it was time to go back, shortly after we were allowed to go inside and wait YET another hour, by now I was dead tired, sleepy and wet, I did mention it rained all day, right?, but did I mention MY umbrella broke?, unlucky Gisela is my new name!!.

While waiting for the event to start we were approached by 2 guys, apparently they were "Young Reporters" for Samsung, we were asked how did we hear about the event, if we knew it was entirely in Korean (and how were we going to understand the whole thing), if we were there just for 2NE1 (Of course no!!! ~lol~, we also wanted to meet Mr. Park Chan Wook, director of JSA, Stalker, Old Boy, etc etc), asked for our names, age and took a picture, so, there might be a picture of us making a Korean pose somewhere (They asked for a Mexican Pose, but neither of us knew what I do).

Left: MC, Right top: 10cm, Right bottom: Park Chan Wook 
At 5:30 the lights went off and the MC of the day came out, I don't know him, but I think he is a comedian, they played some videos and then it was time for the 1st mini-concert, it was the turn of "10cm", again I had no idea who where they but they have some cool songs so I ended up enjoying their show a little too much, when they finished another MC came out and introduced Mr. Park, we were really excited about it, despite not being able to understand anything but after the first 1/2hour it got slow and a bit boring, and I don't think it was because of the language barrier, the people next to me was obviously bored and I can say we were all a bit uncomfortable on our chairs  :(, years later the Q&A started and Diana decided to ask something, until she realized she would be shown on the big screen and that was a No go for her, after Mr. Park's interview and Q&A it was time for Mrs. Lee Young-hee ~ Samsung's Vice-president, she talked about her inspirations (Coco Channel and Frida Kahlo!!) then introduced some of Samsung's new adds and it was (finally) time for 2NE1's MINI-concert!
Top left: 10cm, Top right: Mr. Park, Bottom: Lee Young-hee

They started with Fire followed by Can't nobody and then a small pause to introduce themselves and then it was turn for Falling in love, the last song was "I am the best" and CL started singing and getting the crowd fired up, to be honest I was expecting a bit more, CL was amazing and seemed like she was the only one aware that was a show, a short one but a show, the rest looked like they heard about the show on a short notice :/, I understand it wasn't a big show or a TV show and they might wanted to look more natural, but at some point Bom seemed not caring much about the singing/dancing part and more about the looking pretty aspect... I know some Blackjacks would be upset about me saying this, but it's just my opinion, I still like them and I LOVED the show and I understood why CL is the leader, she has such a strong presence on stage and Charisma (there, I said it!)

Here's a lil video of Falling in love and some of my lousy iphone pictures (sorry!)

By the end of the day I was very tired but it was totally worth it, I can't wait to go to a "real" (aka long) concert!

-Gisela V.

P.s. Check 10cm's Amerikano video, I really liked this soong!

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