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National Museum of Contemporary Art

It's time to talk/blog about something more than just going to spend time at the Korean Neighbourhood, it's time to let you know all Museums lovers know about this HUGE Museum that shows National and International exhibits. There are currently to "branches" (?) and a 3rd one  located in Seoul is scheduled to open in 2013, so if you are planning on visiting Korea be sure to visit one of this 2 (or 3 if you wait 'til 2013). Here's some important information about the museum :)
The mission of the museum is to survey and research contemporary art, collect and preserve works of art, and plan and host various exhibitions, both domestically and internationally.

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Entry is fee except for major exhibitions (Free day : on the fourth Saturday of every month)
Land Area: 66,916  / Building Area: 37,500  /  Exhibition Area: 14,144  /  Sculpture Garden: 33,000

The museum building was constructed in a manner that harmonizes with both the natural and the artificial beauty of its surroundings. The design of the museum reflects Korea’s traditional architectural style. The museum features a sculpture gallery in the form of fortress walls, a painting gallery the shape of a semi-oval hall, and the Ramp Core in the style of a beacon mound that connects the two sections. The exterior space of the museum is designed to reflect a traditional Korean garden, enabling gradual access through a passage that gives the visual effect of a steady ascent. The main exterior material is a light pink Korean granite.  The museum has a traditional image that blends in well with the surrounding landscape. Fully equipped with modern facilities, scientific equipment and various installations, the museum is more than equal to the task of being the only national contemporary art museum in Korea.


Building Area :3,428  /  Exhibition Area : 1,152
In 1998, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Deoksugung, an annex of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, was opened in Deoksugung Palace in the center of Seoul.

Seoul(Scheduled to open in 2013)
Land Area : 27,402
Building Area : 33,000
The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea is scheduled to open Seoul Venue in the centre of Seoul in 2013. The New Construction Site of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea will establish the identity and stature of Korean art by hosting a variety of planned exhibitions seeking to new experimental analysis, and efforts to expand the boundaries of expression embracing both the tradition and the present of visual art.

Permanent Exhibitions 

Ramp Core, “The more, the better” by Nam June Paik
Located at the center of the museum, the Ramp Core is 13.8m in diameter and spirals upward to a height of 22.8 meters, in a vast space lit by skylights. Viewed from above, it is clear that the Ramp Core is the centerpiece of the museum. It also plays the role of a gateway as well as a connecting passageway to all galleries in the museum.
Visitors are greeted with “The more, the better” by artist Nam June Paik, which was installed at the center of the Ramp Core in 1988. 1,003 TVs, a number that was chosen to represent Korea’s National Foundation Day, October 3, are installed in a round tower 18.5m high and 7.5m in diameter. This vast cone-shaped video tower is the first work of art that visitors see in the main entrance hall, and each monitor can be individually appreciated by walking up and down the slope of the Ramp Core.
The Ramp Core, with its natural light from the ceiling and the illuminations from Nam June Paik’s “The more, the better”, is not only a hallway that connects each gallery, but a beautiful exhibition space in itself

Sculpture Garden

Surrounding the museum building, with the background of the beautiful landscape of Cheonggyesan(Mt.) and Kwanaksan(Mt.), there is a 33,100 square meter Sculpture Garden spread out over green turf. The Sculpture Garden also plays the role of a multi-purpose complex in which events such as open-air concerts, danc- ing performances, and poetry readings can be enjoyed.
The works of art in the sculpture garden can be enjoyed from various angles and on various backgrounds. The sculpture garden provides a unique charm that visitors cannot experience through an indoor exhibition.


Exhibition period : 13 July, 2010 - 03 October, 2010
Exhibition Venue : Gallery 1 & Central Ha
Exhibition period : 8 May - 4 July, 2010
Exhibition Venue : National Museum of Art, Deoksugung
Exhibition period : 17 April, 2010 - 6 June, 2010
Exhibition Venue : Gallery 1, 7

And many many many more!!

This are events created by the Museum and I think it's really cool because it's another way to unify the Families and the people.
As a multi-purpose cultural complex, the museum provides a range of cultural events, including music, films, and performances. Two of the most popular programs are the cultural festivals in May (Month of the Family) and October (Month of Culture), at which the whole family can enjoy a number of fun art-related activities and outdoor performances.

In tune with Korea’s adoption of the 5-day work week and to foster a healthy recreation culture, the museum holds classical concerts on last Saturday of each month, and on every first and third Saturday there are other live events such as chamber music, fusion music and performances at the central hall

The museum also has some EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS (here some examples)
·         Education for Professionals
·         Program to foster art professionals and train experts
·         Education Linked to Exhibitions
·         Educational program for each type of trainee which is aimed atpromoting understanding of special/permanent exhibitions of the museum

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