Friday, July 30, 2010

Colorful Buses!

Hey there :) 

Today I was reading a "Guide to living in Korea 2010"  and found some very useful information and something that catched my eye,,, this colorful buses that go around and trough Seoul.

Pretty cool colors right?? XD

Blue Bus
This type of buses will operate at higher speeds and access the median bus lane connecting suburban areas to downtown Seoul. The city government is partly in charge of its operation. The city has taken full consideration to introduce 3 kinds of buses belonging to the Blue Bus category: bendable bus, CNG (compressed natural gas) bus with a lower platform, and regular large-sized CNG bus. The blue color represents Seoul's skyline and Hangang (River) to symbolize security and freedom.

Green Bus
Green bus will be flexibly operated by private bus companies, to connect major subway stations or bus terminals in downtown Seoul. It is similar with the city bus and the community shuttle bus currently in operation. Green stands for the mountains surrounding the city.

Red Bus
The red buses will be express buses designed specially for those commuting between downtown Seoul and the metropolitan area. The color red exudes energy of speed.

Yellow Bus
This bus will circle downtown Seoul and stop at stations for blue buses and major railway stations, as well as business, tourist and shopping areas. Yellow was selected for its dynamic and friendly image.

Lol I know this post it's kind of Random but I'm the kind of person that pays more attention if something is colorful and this buses look kinda fun at least here in Mexico we have this "new" ecofriendly buses and in MY opinion it makes my ride way better than with the old buses....and sometimes it's fun because some have TV!!! haha really useful when you have to take a bus at 5am to go to work,,, cartoons keep me awake hehe)

Old Buses (boooring and kinda ugly)
New buses!!!

 -Gisela V.

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