Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Post:!!!!!!!!

Ok ok ok... maybe this isnt the "first" guest post ever but it's actually from someone I'm not related with... lol so I'm kinda excited to introduce you to WonTaek Chung from My Seoul Stories , I don't remember how I found this blog (probably trough TSS--thanks btw!!) but I've been reading his blog ever since.... and I asked him to help me with a Guest Post about E.via since he kinda introduced me to her.... so here it goes!!


E.via (Lee Ok Joo), is a Korean lyricist, composer, rapper, and pianist. E.via’s first EP, E.via aka Happy E.vill, was released on May 18th, 2009. Her influences include Eminem, Nas, UMC, and Deegie. She has recently garnered a bit of media attention and popularity for the music video of her song 일기장 (Diary), featuring Sori (소리).

E.via one of the few Korea female rappers out there in Korea. She is still not that well known in Korea. She did perform in few concerts but, her raps were not as appreciated by the Koreans as a lot of people were more into idol groups than rappers like E.via. She has around 7 years of experience in rapping.(well, this is what I read from the comments so not sure). She didn’t go with the name E.via at first. Her pet-name was napper during her early stages of her career. I assume that she liked sleeping! Her rap style was also dramatically different when she was napper. She rapped in a low pitched tone rather than her high pitch voice. Only after she became more publicized she changed her name to E.via and started singing in the voice we are more familiar with.

This is the rap style of e.via in the old days!

However, her career wasn’t so successful. Her first album(I am not sure) was banned cause it
had a sexual message. The title was literally translated as “Can I do it?.” Well, it had a double meaning. One was if she could rap and the other was if she could have sex with her lover?. Her next mini album featured “Shake.” Shake was quite popular except for it had too much exposure and the Korean government was not so happy about it going on air. In general, she had a bad girl side in her that made her raps only semi successful. However, this is the main aspect that I like about E.via. She might look as cute, innocent and guilty, but maybe she is not! She is a strong, independent female rapper who makes interesting music. She might not be as good as outsider or eminem (obviously) but, her fast paced rap is different and its like drugs to my ears.

New Video

Gisela's note: This video is just dedicated to a friend (Beeeric!!) just because he said he liked it lol well...also because it caused "controversy" due to all the "shaking" haha

Thanks WonTaek for this contribution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You rock!!! n_n

-Gisela V।

Ps. I'm really sorry if the Videos don't work correctly I'm pretty "new" with this lol


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