Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Day in Seoul

Yup, I did cry a little…. This was a last relaxed but moved day, our 1st stop was N Seoul Tower (wich I visited before) but this time it was Daytime!! So I got to take better pics and this time I did go to the Top of the Tower and the view was great!, after the tower we went to the Teddy Bear Museum and again was used to take better pics and get souvenirs for the Fam!!, this time I had a better idea of what the Bears were representing :D (yay!!).

Next on the itinerary it was  time to go to  the Jogyesa Temple wich is the center of Zen Buddhism in Korea, and is famous for being located in the city, when we got there a “service” was being offered so we only got to see the outside that was pretty crowded (maybe because it was Sunday…), I was taking a picture when I noticed an Ajosshi bowing outside the temple, it caught my eye because I saw him doing it like 30 times and I just couldn’t take my sight away from him… Onni (Our tour guide) explained there are people who Bow more than 100 times K …I can’t even do 3 full bows now imagine 100….. Insite the temple you can find The Gall of the Great Hero (Daeung-jeon) (See pic for better explanation ;) ) , we took some more pics and I found something that looked like an empty Pond… but there were candles on the inside and also there was a can full of incense, Oni gave each of us one stick of incense to light up and pray for something and we all gladly did… and so it was time to run again because we had lunch reservations @ Insadong.

We went straign to Ssamziegil (a couple of streets away from the Temple) and found a shop where you can make a mold of your lips, paint it and use it as a keychain… Weird? A lil bit hahahaha
Downstair was the Restaurant, it was very warm and nice-looking, we had a very traditional Korean Meal “Bibimbap”, soup, Kimchi, and a very good Tea at the end of the meal J after this we had a couple of hours to shop there, since it was my 2nd time there I just wondered around Insadong and got my last gifts J … oh oh!! And saw the “show” of the Candy Guys there (See previous Video Post!)  …aww seen my pics (I have to see them to write lol) makes me wanna go back to Seoul so bad! And buy everything L …. OH!!! In Insadong I saw the first Starbucks Coffee with the name in Hangul !! I don’t know if others have the name in Hangul but it was the only one I spotted. I saw a few (well…LOTS) of make up shops but I didn’t want to go in since I knew I already had too much make up L (And guess what… I went to Missha @ the Airport and got some extra stuff lol) …. After our little shopping spree we went to  the Gyeongbokgung Palace where Oni told  about Korean History… She’s a very nice and warm guide, more than a guide was like a friend to us (tear hehe), it was a cloudy and rainy day so we were in sort of a hurry (again!), so we just took tons of pics  and it was time to go again… this time out destination was Myeongdong, one of the Main shopping districts in Seoul in here you can find anything and everything, from CD’s to shoes, clothes (International brands), glasses (if you go underground you’ll find the entrance to the subway and there… you will find 100000000 types of glasses/sunglasses ), also DVD’s, more clothes, restaurants, Missha stores (Yup I <3 Missha!) and a bunch of street food vendors… oh oh!! And let’s not forget… socks.. a bunch of them J … the place is cool and very fashionable (at least for me) but way to crowded L but I got to take some good night shots (I know!! It’s very weird for me to take good pics at night) and then we met up to have dinner, we went to a Korean Barbecue Restaurant  and of course we had a great meal but we were exhausted so after that it was time to go back to the Hotel and say goodbye to Oni and our driver… and this is where I cried a little (shame on me)… I stayed at the Lobby with K Jin and Melly for a bit and agreed to have breakfast together before we had to leave for the airport…. Before going to my Room I called Jeff (My 1st CS) and agreed to meet that night, so I went  to my room and freshen up to go meet him, we met outside City Hall subway station and went to the Cheonggyecheon Stream, took a few pics together :D and then went for a coffee J after that it was almost 11pm so it was time for me to go back to the hotel and pack my stuff ..Jeff was very nice and took me to the Taxi to tell him where I was going to (yay! For Korean Friends!! Hehe… btw.. THANKS JEFF!!!), I found Melly at the Hotel Lobby and stayed there a while using the WiFi (yay!!) and then went up to my Room, packed my stuff, took a shower and went to bed… I woke up at 6am, got ready and went to eat… we had to meet the driver at 10 to go to the Airport and I had to be at the lobby at 9 to check out and exchange pics with K Jin and Melly.

We got to Incheon Airport around 11:30am and my flight was at 2:30pm so I had plenty of time to hang out… I lost Melly because she was using Korean Airlines and I was using KLM…so there was some confusion and couldn’t find her anymore….  Good thing is… I got my seat upgraded (yaaaaaay!!) and my luggage was sent all the way to Mexico! (I had to make a stop in Amsterdam, spend the night and take my next flight to Mexico City the next afternoon)… I wanted to see a bit of Amsterdam, but I got lost at the airport for about an hour and was out of there around 7pm, then took me ½ hour to find the shuttle and then wait another 45 mins for the bus L … when I got to the Hotel I checked in and was hungry!!! But didn’t have any Euros L only Dollars and Wons and the Hotel don’t do exchange rating (buuu for them!!) so ended up eating a piece of cheese cake I had from Paris Baguette I got at Incheon… the next day I woke up early but it was snowing and the Hotel was in the middle of NOTHING O_O … so I had a very quiet morning, went to have breakfast, used the internet for a bit and then waited…and waited and met a London/Japanese girl… she was pretty cool and had an outrageous outfit so we ended up going together to the Airport 

-Gisela V. 


  1. I got a little sad when I left Korea too. :( I need to go back every year. There's just so many things to do and see. I'm loving the pictures. (reminding me of my recent vacation)

  2. I miss the days.....! We should meet up in Korea again :)