Thursday, May 26, 2011

Night 8!

I’m back!, not that I forgot you my dear blog, I just feel like I’ve been everywhere and yet anywhere, stress and drama have been close to me for a long time now and I’m just learning how to deal with this on my own…. Cooking has helped A LOT and I’m more inspired to cook than I’ve been for a while, I’m also excited since I’ve lots of this to write about, I have yet to write about a new Korean Restaurant I just found, the Cultures Festival in Mexico City (I’ve been there like 5 times already this year!), a Korean Bakery I found like 3 weeks ago, a story I want to make about a little Steam bread  Shop and I have to finish my almost endless (okok ,,, not so endless but it sure seems like it) stories about Seoul…. As you can see I have lots of things to do… plus Work and well… life in general o_o

So, back to the post I owe you about Korean Karaoke노래방 or Norebang, Norebang was brought to the conversation over a dinner with some “friends”, all the Korean Guests agreed that Norebang was a MUST in Seoul… I didn’t know much about it except that they really enjoy it and it’s in a private room  (unlike most Karaoke Bar’s I’ve ever been…), they finally convinced us that we should go and Eugene offered to take us so we could party, I was very excited to go out with Eugene since I was a dedicated reader of his blog and find his sense of humor to be very much like mine…

K Jin and me met Eugene at City Hall around 10pm but felt like 3am since we’ve been out walking/eating all day long, but we HAD to go see that Norebang they talk so much about… I was more nervous than anything because well…I don’t sing and by I don’t sing I mean… I SUCK at it…

First we went to a Bar (I don’t know the name of the bar, I only remember it was pretty close to City Hall…), we had beer and… something to eat… little balls of..I don’t remember (lol, and I wasn’t even drunk!), we had a nice chat there and then it was time to move on… OH NO!!! It was time to sing u_u 

Eugene chose the place, it was on the 2nd floor and for me it was really weird…. We went to our very own private room, a room with 3 couches, a table, a TV and a huge remote control… we had TONS of songs to chose, but when you know you are bad at singing you just can’t find the correct one.

Eugene and K Jin were the surprise of the night, both are very good at Norebang!, Eugene even sang some songs in Japanese!!, K Jin sang just Korean Songs and to me sounded like a pro :D , Melly and I were not so good at it, so we were just playing with the tambourine and doing “background” choruses lol…. I had to sing something alone L and the 1st song was Time of your Life by Green Day and the 2nd one was a song in Spanish but I sang that one with Eugene hehe.

It wasn’t all about songs… we also had beer and some Korean snacks … and there was something like M&M’s (not sure if they were M&M’s), I have to say… I think Norebang is way better than regular Karaoke… you can have your private room to be with your friends and act the way you want without having some strangers looking at you haha.

I recorded a couple of videos…but I won’t be showing those (I wanna remain friends with Eugene and K Jin lol)

After all… I had lots of fun at the Norebang with K Jin, Melly and Eugene, hopefully we’ll get to do it again sometime…..

If you have the opportunity to go to a Norebang… GO!!!!!!!!!! If you (like me) can’t sing you can always have fun with the Tambourine or something like that!!!

And that was it…. I still have another day of stories and then we can move onto some of the other things I want to write about so stick around for more fun ..yay!! lol

-Gisela V.

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