Friday, December 2, 2011


Oh la la!

So…we are back from Paris…actually it’s been almost a month since we came back *Insert SAD face*, even thou I was not crazy for Paris it was definitely a place in my “To Go” list and I’m glad we went there,,, it wasn’t a Crazy (in a Drunk-Fun kind of way) trip, it was a Family Vacation, only My mom, sis and I…. it was full of first’s:
1st Time flying together
1st Time for my mom to leave the Country
1st Time for my sister and I to actually be in charge…. (scary)
1st Time to meet the bro-in-law….. O_O (Ah veda!)
1st Time to finally see/meet everything my sis has been talking about for AGES
1st Time to be afraid of traveling (don’t ask why…)

I don’t want to make this a HUGE post so,,, I’ll do my best

The Good
*Family Vacation!! Yay!!!
*Tour Eiffel
*Boulangeries (read…Huré)
*Franprix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOVE IT!!! And miss it SO freaking much)
*Outdoor Markets!
*Friends (new friends!!)
*Sleeping ‘til 11am J
*Morning Breakfast with Perrow and moomin!

The Bad
*LONG flights
*Way to heavy luggage
*My mom feeling tired and not so well L
*Not enough money
*Not enough time (haha)

The Ugly
*Pick pocket!! Gubai 600 EU L

So all in all…it was a GOOD trip…. Love it there!, I’m not a Museum Fan but I like it and maybe next time we’ll get to see/do more J
Next Destination…………. Korea!!!!!!!!!!! 
Here are a few pics from the trip…. Enjoy :)

-Gisela V.  

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