Friday, December 2, 2011

Wild Korean Review

Are you studying Korean???

Well, as many of you know I am, fortunatelly for me I met Sanghyun Ahn and Jo-Anna Lynch last year and WHY would you care if I met them?, well Sanghyun Ahn is the author of Wild Korean "A fieldguide to Real Conversation" - For Beginner to Intermediate Levels. 
On my 1st day in Seoul I met Jo-Anna Lynch and she was kind enough to take me to her Korean Class, I was ment to attend a Begginers class with Sanghyun but as you know, I am WAY to shy to be truth so I didn't want to go on my own, instead I went to Jo-Anna's class was a HUGE mistake and I know that!, her class was mostly in Korean and I understood nothing u_u , later I find out Sanghyun was writting a book and ever since I've been waiting. Around August it was announced the publication of this Book and I was really excited for this and asked to buy one, a few weeks later I received a Free copy of the book. 
At this point I had just started my begginer lessons and I was just learning to read Haengul, due to some family problems (as some of you know...) I had to stop taking my lessons and I had to re-take self-studying, The Wild Korean book has been a great way to do it and I'm glad I still remember how to read Haengul because you won't find any romanization in here, The good thing about NO romanization is: You can't be lazy and will make you study harder and will improve your reading. 
If you know ZERO haengul, I would definitely recommend to learn the basics and to read, this way you can get the most of this book.

The book will start with the basics being "Nice to meet you" the 1st lesson and being followed by "I am", "I'm from"... this is obviously really helpful if you want to Visit Korea and want to impress everyone with your "Korean Skills" ;) 
If you already read Haengul, then make sure to get this book as it will help you transitionate from Begginer to Intermediate :)  , hopefully soon they will release another book for more advanced levels.

The ilustration on the book is made by hand by Douglas Holden and gives the book a funny perspective on each Lesson.

In addition to the book, you can follow their blog Wild Korean in here Sanghyun or Jo-Anna will answer your questions, post links to helpfull resources and from time to time will post a Joke in Korean (See? another way to impress your Korean friends with a joke!!), Downloadable audios can be found here as well.
Some basic information on the book: 
Writen by Sanghyun Ahn
Edit by Jo-Anna Lynch, Megha Dubal and Megan Morrow 
Ilustrated by Douglas Holden 

Price: ₩15,000 (Currently they are running a Special Promotion from 2011 November 1st ~ 2012 January 31th, 1 Copy + Free Shipping for $15USD!!!) 


I want to invite all of you to get this book and keep your lessons going on! 
-Gisela V.

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