Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's been a while............

So, it's been a while since my last post... I know *shame on me*, but my sister is back in Mexico city so we've been trying to hang out and spend more "family time" before she moves to London for ever (lol ok, maybe not forever but for a While until she moves to France, Peru, China, Africa or whatever comes to her mind O_o )
Also I can say that I've been very busy with work (ok not work but there's nothing much I can do @ the office but to read...or do actual work lol) also we've been planning our 1st Family Vacations in like...15 years!!!!!! so take 3 girls (women?, ladies?...) and have them agree on 1 place to visit, where to stay, what to eat, how to get there.... pft is the WORST thing ever!!! specially because my mom would change the plan every 2 hours haha (it's in times like these I'm glad she only pretends to read my so yea, we finally have a plan (Oaxaca, here we come!!!!!!!)
In adittion to thaat I've had spent lots of time (mostly @ the office) reading blogs...VERY good blogs and I realize I am now a Blog Crazy... there's something about'em that I just love, it might be because it's "real" (not famous) people writting about stuff that you like, music, food, shoes, fashion, etc etc...
I read that in Korea around 49% of the people has a blog and 56-57% read blogs.. it's awesome how people start with a blog and end up publishing books, making movies, having their own TV or whatever, these people are called Power Bloggers :O So...on my las post I recommended a couple of Blogs you MUST follow, this week I have more recomendations (I know it's alot but they are also really good!!!-see? I told you I was a blog crazy-)
She is sort of like Julie's blog and I say Sort of because not only she writes about what she cooks but also about the great and sometimes the awful food she tries @ restaurants in Cali or wherever she's traveling to, wich is kinda cook because is not only food (wich I absolutly LOVE) but also traveling (wich has FOREING food that I also love...yea I'm very into food I know haha)

Thanks to TokyiAstroGirl I found the 2nd blog
Thie one caught my eye because he actually MET Anthony Bourdain and featured in an Episode in Season 3... and if you know me you know I'm a Bourdain Fan, so check this out and I bet you will have a good time reading.

There's something about some blogs that inspire you (or is it just me?) to do something,,,for me it was a movie (Julie/Julia) that made me want to read a blog, after reading this blog I wanted to cook again and so I did started by cooking things that I've never done or things i haven't cooked in a while, also started this blog and then ir turned into a "I write about anything and everything I'm into at the moment" blog. Every blog I read has something that stay with me either in my head, heart or mouth (darn food pics!!), so eventually it would be AWESOME if this blog inspires you in any way....*tear* lol

I'll try to post a few posts before going on vacations (considering that I'm leaving on Friday morning that means I have about 36 hours to do it O_o 

(P.S. I'll leave you with some pics I took when my sister gave me my 1st Photography lesson)

 -Gisela V.

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  1. Actually, I feel the same way about blogs, many of them inspire me...dunno if it's bc I'm also a Blog freak though lol and well, they also serve me as "free therapy".
    Um...also, I want noodles now!
    BTW, nice pics--proud of ya!