Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hectic Times.... and a few (lots) of Thank youseses

I've been wanting to post everything I said I would on my last post....or ANYTHING really, but I didn't have the energy/motivation to do it.... and it looks like today is the day! yay!! finally!!!!!!, I managed to access my Google+ account (Thanks to Beric for the invitation), I updated (well.. it's sinchronizing as we speak-blog) my ipod (Yay!! goodbye to those boring songs and Welcome Octopuses' Garden!! I needed youuuu!!!!!!!!!!)

And now... It's time for some blogging :)

1st of all..... I didn't touch my computer for WHILE...1st because I broke or I don't know what happend to my charger and then because as some of you know.... my mom just had surgery (She's better now n_n <3 you mom!!)...and actually a few days before her surgery my mom got me a new charger for Lola (my comp!) aww...isn't she awesome??

Well... things look better now and everything is just getting back to "normal"... as normal as it can be
Changes at home, work and friends...some are good changes and others not so much....

Friends......ahhh... my friends.... I love them so much.... the other day I was thinking how it's weird that the 1st person I talked to in High school continues being one of my best friends, of course we had some "fights" but at the end of the day she is always there for me and she knows I'm always there for her... Luv ya Joss :)

My Family.... specially my sister has always been there to support me...or to annoy me (lol) but has always been there, I know I can be mean with her some times but I'm not as "loving" as she is (or has become??), but 5 months ago the big C hit out family and has made us not only stronger but brought us together (yup, even more!), some just want to be "there",,,,some others are with us truly because they care about my mom and those I want to say THANK YOU and I love you so freaggin' much.

Work?,,,, well... we are moving to a new building.... the good thing? I won't have the annoying Homie Ramon to check what I do all day... yea yea "back in chicago... no man!!!" ... the downside? I won't have my perrito with me anymore.....

 Ok, enough about changes..... I actually lost my track watching Eat Your Kimchi videos :s , if you don't know what Eat your Kimchi,, go ahead and click on the link :)

So, hopefully I'll get to post everything I said I would this weekend and..........see you soon n_n

-Gisela V.

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  1. Was i the first to read?? According to the comments that's a YES!! haha =)