Thursday, February 16, 2012

Korean Folk Village

I visited the Korean Folk Village in the Gyeonggi Province on December 2010, I realized I never really posted about it so, this was a good time to do it. 

Here's some of the History of the Village:

About 30 folk villages were relocated and recreated in the approximately 200,000 pyeong (660,000 square meters) vacant land around the area of 107 Bora-ri, Giheung-eup, Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province on August 5, 1973 and opened to the public after completion on October 3, 1974. 

The Korean Folk Village isopen all year-round and nearly 1.8 million domestic and foreign tourists visit here throughout the year. The Folk Village is a venue where visitors can learn Korean culture in a short time. 

All year round there are Folk Performances performed twice a day like
-Fasmer's Music and Dance
-Acrobatics on a tightrope 
And a traditional wedding  (Mar-Nov)
(This might be canceled due to weather)

Entrance Fee 
Adults: 15,000 Won
Adolescents/Seniors 12,000 Won
Chil 10,000 Won

For more info visite the KFV website here.
But why don't I show you more about it with pictures? (I sure love pictures!!)
After the Music/Dance performance
You have to write a "wish" in those papers and make a knot to put it there
I took this picture because my mom is a huge fan of this Dorama.
At the entrance of the KFV
This lady was making silk out of the worms,,,very impressive, she was really nice and explained those can be eaten as well.
The Dance....awesome how they make that lace move only with the head.
This man was walking on that rope dancing and jumping... I failed to take a video thou :(

Are those filled with..... Kimchi? Soy paste?... I couldn't help but wonder....
Another one for my mom... The KFV was set for Dae Jang Geum
How to ger Silk Fabrics... Next t the lady we saw before n_n
And after that... we had a nice lunch at a restaurant inside the KFV!
Banchan.... loved it <3
There was a couple in one of those tables (sitting on the floor) next to us and the Ajosshi probably listened that I wanted Makgeolli and was kind enough to offer me a cup of Makgeolli.... Priceless... Thank you Sir!!! (You kind of made my day that day)

Well, I hope you get a chance to visit this Village, I know I want to go back and re-visit.

-Gisela V.

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