Friday, February 3, 2012

Korean Food in Mexico 4

Restaurant: ???? (The place does not have a name outside and I can't remember :( )

Address: Praga 54 Zona Rosa.
Price Range: 100-200 MXP (10-20USD)

Ever since I tried 짬 뽕 near Insadong in Seoul I've been wanting to eat it again, the thing is... Where to eat it in Mexico??... I found almost hiden place near Korea Town in Mexico, the restaurant is in a low-transit street, is really small and does not have a Sign on the outside. 

I finally tried it with my mom and sister and this is what we had:
짬뽕 (Champong) Spicy Seafood Noodle ($80.00 Pesos - 7USD/₩7.00)

Champong is a popular noodle dish that is prepared in a red, spicy seafood broth containing hearty vegetables and variety of seafood.  This dish presumably has its origins in Japan with influence from China. Champong is considered to be mild to high in spiciness so expect to sweat while consuming this dish.

I highly recommend this has Seafood, noodles and is spicy, this bowl can be shared between 2, I didn't know it was such a big bowl so I ordered one just for me.... at the end I had to take the rest "to go" (I took about 1 lt home)

My sister had 새우볶음밥 (Shrimp Bokkeumbap), Fried rice with Shrim. 
She also received a bowl of thick sauce made of chuang (Black soybean paste)... she didn't eat it because she is very picky with I had it! :) 
($90.00 Pesos - 8USD/₩8.00)

My mom had  잡채 Japchae, Sweet potatoe noodles called Dangmyeon stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables and Shrimp, it also contains Soy sauce, a little bit of sugar and sesame seeds, it was server HOT and just as the Champong it was TOO much for her haha.
($100.00 Pesos - 9USD/₩9.00)

We also received 반찬 
Yellow pickled sweet Radish!!


As always we ended up super full, had almost half of everything to go and eat it the next day n_n. 
We spend about $300 pesos with the Drinks plus they gave us Free Water.

Hope you can try this place sometime. I know I want to go back and try some other dishes... Whenever I go more than 1 time to a restaurant I try to order different dishes. 

-Gisela V.

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