Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Korean Food in Mexico 5

Restaurant: IYO Galbi
Location: Estocolmo Street (Close to Avenida Reforma)
Price Range: 150-300MXP (Per person)

A couple of weeks ago I went out with 2 friends (I haven’t see them in about a month). They were nice enough to come with me to try this Korean Restaurant I spotted a few months ago but I haven’t been able to visit…until that day.

The Specialty of the house is Galbi (Galbi generally refers to a variety of gui or grilled dishes in Korean cuisine that is made with Marinated Beef or Pork. Galbi literally means RIB)

When we got there, we didn’t know the size of the portions so we asked for 1 Stew/soup each and 2 Pieces of Galbi…. HUGE mistake, it was way too much food for just the 3 of us.

The place is almost hidden, the street is not very Popular and is mostly known for O’mandu a cute shop where you can find Steamed Bread. The restaurant itself does not have much decoration but it gets cosy when people starts cooking.

There are plenty waiters so you are constantly asked if everything is Ok… which is a good thing, but then when you order they will get curiosity on how you take the food and will stare… it was a little awkward for me and my friends but we were enjoying the food and eventually stopped paying them attention.

Here’s what we ordered:
Watter is complementary n_n 

양념날비 (Marinated Beef Ribs) ($200.00MXP / around 18USD)
쭈불 첨판 (Grilled Octopus and Bulgogi with vegetables) (Size: Big)
And each of us had:
Charly: 된장찌 (Soybean paste Stew)
Beric: 곰국 (Oxtail Soup)
Me: 콩국수 (Cold soybean noodles)
Plus all the 반찬 , 2 portions of steamed rice, salad and Lettuce…. Oh!! And Watermelon as dessert! 

쭈불 첨판



Everything was super good, the Grilled octopus was way too much and ended up taking most of it home (yay!!), the Ribs were sweet and soft….with some rice, kimchi and lettuce it was really good...

My soybean noodles were so-so…. I guess it's because I'm more into spicy food, I didn’t try the Oxtail Soup, but Beric said it was good but needed some more salt...of course he didn't notice they put a small bowl with salt and chilli paste next to him until much later, anyway he was more into the grilled Octopus :)
As for Charly… he liked his stew and at the end he added some of my noodles to his soup, he didn't want to try the 쭈불 첨판 because he does not like sea food.

Closer view of the 반찬

The lil stove and lettuce in the background

Hungry much??

Refreshing watermelon

All in all… it was a pretty nice meal with friends and lots of food. 

I will definitely go back to IYO Galbi.
We ended up paying (Well… Charly and Beric haha) $1,000MXP (About 80USD) for out feast :D
Charly had to go so Beric and I went to Omandu and bought some cute-looking steamed bread and Aloe water…

This meal only reminded me that Korean Food is better when shared with people you love.

By the Charly and Beric
-Gisela V.


  1. Buenas tardes.

    Esta es la primera vez que escribo en su blog, para hacerle una pregunta un tanto boba. ¿este restaurante hablan español o sólo son para los vecinos coreanos?. Tiene muy buena pinta y seria muy triste si no hablasen español.

  2. Hola Strangeluv, Si, el dueño habla español un poco quebrado, pero habla español y todos los meseros son Mexicanos pero saben muy bien como son todos los platillos, si tienes duda de algun platillo ellos muy amablemente te explican su preparación y el sabor. :)
    La pregunta es totalmente entendible, en su mayoria la gente que vive/trabaja en el Barrio Coreano en Mexico habla español aunque sea un poco, hay una tienda muy pequeñita donde la dueña habla muy poco español, pero a señas se entiende muy bien!

    1. ¡¡¡Muchas gracias por la respuesta!!!. Espero poder pasar pronto al restaurante

  3. "This meal only reminded me that Korean Food is better when shared with people you love." -- This is so true!

  4. One trademark of Koreans is that they always like to share their food! :)

    Good thing you have resources there to make Korean food, here in the Philippines, resources are too limited.