Thursday, March 15, 2012

Korean Cultural Center in Mexico

Yesterday March the 13th 2012 the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico held its Grand Openning, I've been waiting for this for over a Month ever since I found out about it.

Last month I went to the KCC to meet the Director Professor Bong Chul Kwan, Mr. Kwan was kind enough to show me the yet unfinished building and answer a few questions, so here's some information about the KCC in Mexico.

Me: How does the idea came up to open a KCC in Mexico?
Mr. Kwan: The idea came because there are a lot of people in Mexico interested in Korea, K-pop, the Language and culture in General

Me: What kind of activities will be held at the KCC?
Mr. Kwan: Cooking Classes (Korean and Mexican Food), Language Classes, Dance, Music and we also want to provide a space for people to show their art, paintings, shows, etc.
We also have a room with a Big TV where people can come and watch Korean News, Dramas or Movies, there's also an auditorium where conferences can be held or used for Meetings.
In addition to this we'll have internet access and Computer with access to Korean Books directly from Korea.

Me: Do you have planned to invite Korean Artists only?
Mr. Kwan: No, the idea is to invite Korean and Mexican artist, we still don't have a convocatory opened yet, but people can show us their work in order to have an exhibit here at the KCC.

As you can see, there will be lots of things to do at the KCC in Mexico, I'm glad it's opened now since all of us Korea-Lovers can enjoy some more of Korea here in Mexico.

Right before the Ribbon cutting ceremony there was a little show outside the KCC of Samulnori (Traditional percussion music from Korea)

The Openning included dignataries from both countries, incluiding Korea's Culture Minister Choe Kwang-Shik and the Korean Embassador in Mexico Sung Hoa Hong a representative of Samsung in Mexico and other personalities.
Ribbon cutting
Outside of the KCC in Mexico

Korean Ambassador in Mexico - Korea's Culture Minister Choe Kwang-Shik

The event included Speaches of the Ambassador, The minister and a member of the SRE.
After the speaches we enjoyed some Traditional Korean Music

 2 Korean songs by the "Niños Cantores de Chalco" sort of like a Chorus of under priviledged girls who take music lessons from nuns, I've never seen this chorus and must say those girls can really play and sing.

Then it was the turn of "Bridges of Soul", a Popera (Pop - Opera) trio who sang a famous Mexican son "Bésame Mucho" with Mariachis, I didn't get to take pics of this since it was really crowded :(
This was the only pic I was able to get... sorry guys!!

Last but not least, all the artist came back on stage to perform "Arirang", everyone sang and it was a very exciting moment.

Just to finish this great event we all went downstairs to have some yummy korean food and drinks, funny thing is... At the buffet line I met the Architects who worked with the building, they were really nice and asked me about Korean food, I promised I would mention them here since no one else did at the ceremony, so Hi!!! Mr. Leonardo Garcia (Lead Architect) and Mr. Isaias Gonzalez!! Thank you for making such a nice building for us :)

All in all, it was a great event and I'm really looking forward to all the activities that will soon start at the KCC in Mexico.

As for the Korean Culture Festival of last weekend... I still owe you that post!! and I promise this weekend you'll have it!!

Hope you like the post and if you have any suggestions for posts, just let me know!!
Here are some pictures of what's currently being shown at the KCCM

-Gisela V.

PS. The KCC is located in Temístocles #122, Polanco. Right next to the Subway station, you can see the map here