Thursday, March 8, 2012

Korean Cultural Festival in Mexico

Hello everyone!

How've you been?, I feel like it's been a while since the last time I posted about ME going somewhere....
This saturday March 10th at exactly 18:20, I have been invited to the Korean Cultural Festival in Mexico, this event was organized by the Korean Embassy in Mexico to celebrate the International Festival of the Arts in Mexico, promote Korean Culture in Mexico and to help Mexico and Korea to get closer through Culture, Music, Dance and traditional Corean Games.

The program is Divided in 5 Parts:
(I will obiously be posting more about it next week)
Part I
Sori / Sones
 -Sky bulls

Part II
Harmony between Tradition and modernity
 -New Ah-mi (Electric cello) by Oh Ah-mi
 -Haehum Rapsody
 -The Chase (Musical Piece)

Part III
Korean Lines
 -The Jing dance

Part IV
Dynamic Korea
 -Pungmulnori and percussion performance

Part V
 -Besame Mucho (Kiss me much)

Well.. there you have it, I'm really excited about this and next week the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico will be openning, here's hopping to be able to assist to that event as well.

-Gisela V.
I'm sorry for the lousy picture!

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